Put your product presentation in good hands

The Akzente Retail Group provides trained specialists to put your visual merchandising into practice in shops and display windows – seasonally flexible, high-quality, cost-effective, comprehensive.


Visual Merchandising

Instore visual merchandising for branches like fashion, jewelry, fragrance, etc.

Shop Windows

Shop window decoration, decals, figure styling - no matter if for 50 or 500 windows

Decoration Services

Banner exchange, decoration services, display filling, diamantling, disposal



We now work for Marc Cain in Poland and Italy

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As an agency for visual merchandising and shop window display, we offer design and implementation from a single source. If desired, we can take on the design of your display windows or the floor concepts within your shop – or just the implementation.

With our comprehensive pool of freelance visual merchandisers and decorators, we offer flexible help during seasonal peaks or long-term support in organizing your shop’s floor spaces and display windows.

Depending on what is required, our selected staff might focus on mannequin styling, visual merchandising, rearranging window installations or large-area adhesive window designs, for example.

We have offered our services to the countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland for more than 20 years with our visual merchandisers and decorators. Since two years we also work in Holland, Belgium, France and other countries in Europe.

In order to arrange all stages smoothly, we can also take care of materials procurement for your display window on request, as well as producing displays, developing and designing product holders, producing these for you and installing them in your stores. Limit planning and rate of inventory turnover are important parameters which must be coordinated with the design of your presentation at the POS.

For major rollouts, we produce visual merchandising guidelines; our practical experience helps us to assemble a manual which can guarantee an overall uniform look for your product presentation.